So what all universities should Sweety pick up to apply for Masters’?

The universities to pick up should be a combination of Best, Good and Easy to Get In. So if we apply to say 10 univ each should be like 3,3,4.

The other criteria is picking up universities according to the interest. So say 5 with courses of Public admin + technology and 5 just Plain MS in communication but have courses in public administration.

The other question is what major should she pick up?

I think she should sit down and she in heart of hearts what she really really want to do. If that she figures out that to be for e.g Public Administration then she should pick up course which are a combination of Technology and public administration/ policy.

So the List?

University Area Major Ranking How to Get in Contact
University Of Washington Washington Syracuse University New York Texas A and M Texas California State Univ, Chico California Central Michigan University Michigan