An Ode to STP 2005 bikers

I’m impressed by Raji’s ability and peotic talent here is the sampler:

‘Twas early on a Saturday morn,
That 5 brave bikers wound their way,
Six and ten score miles they rode,
Into Portland to make their foray.

Thro’ sun and rain and wind and gale,
Over hill and valley and plain and dale,
A flat tire here, a torn tube there,
Survive they did, many a scare!

Read their saga in the thread below
(Actually it’s just a picture slideshow)
And if you’re inspired to do similar feats
Go grab your bikes, put on those cleats!

‘So, what’s next?!’, you may impatiently ask
Well, if you haven’t guessed it yet
This weekend is when we will start
Training for STP 2006, you bet! :-)

Watch out for more info in Friday’s mail
On the ride we will take on this time
(And I’ll stick to prose instead of verse
And spare you the pain of my corny rhyme!) J

-Raji (B-)