Body Building, The Arnold Way

Yesterday i bought the book The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by the one and only one Arnold - talk to my hand!! So do i want to body build ? Hmm.. not really its freaking difficult to built muscle for a vegetarian and I’m interesed more in strength building. Jeffrey Snover recommended me this book, so i just decided to give it a shot. I sampled the chapter on nutrition as i relaxed in Borders, what Mr. Arnold says really made sense - eating right is important and for building muscles getting more protein intake is abosultely essential. The various levels of workout and nutrition in this Bible quite impressed me, so i just bought the book and tuked in back bag pack and biked over the hill back to my house.

I have been using FitDay to keep track of my nutrition but its freaking difficult to use. I still have to find a good software to keep track of my food intake. But hey in any case the Mantra to body build is to Eat like a pig and work out.