I haven’t posted in a couple of months, well part of it was holidays, organizational changes and more of -  time well spent building an interesting HealthVault applicaiton - WalkMe!.

WalkMe - is a simple application which analyzes your pedometer data, keeps you motivated against a goal and gives you ability to share it with the world. It is a “Sandbox for Microsoft HealthVault” application, this new program enables us to release simple applications developed internally very quickly. WalkMe showcases various functions and features possible to build on top of HealthVault. Over the next weeks I will outline some of the technical details, working with AerobicSession and Exercise datatypes, and various UI tricks we used to achieve an online, offline sync mechanism with HealthVault through this application.

Do check out the application and get a “pedometer widget” as you see in the right rail of this blog.

Here is a short and rough video showcasing WalkMe features, I apologize for some misalignment of the script and the video.

Lets Walk!