My First 5K Race - Lesson Learnt : Pace Yourself.

Posted On Sun, 07 Jun 2009 18:45:00 +0000. Filed in running. By Vaibhav Bhandari.

This morning I ran my first 5K - the Susan G. Komen Race for cure. It was a great experience, I was astonished my the number of people who showed up to show their support for the breast cancer cause. Microsoft has a booth showcasing HealthVault, and thanks to Anna, myself and Maris could participate in race as part of HealthVault team.

I started a little too fast as the table below will show, my first mile was a little too fast (started 7:00, averaged 7:53), which affected the third mile (avg 8:50min). Overall all I finished my first 5K in 26:04 mins, I was hoping to be in ball park of 22 mins but oh well, lesson learnt to pace myself and it was all for a good cause :). Here are the stats for the graphical and analytical folks:

Thanks to Maris for pushing me mile 2 onwards, she paced herself well, caught up with me around beginning of mile 2 and hey seemed like a machine on mile 3 when I was panting and barely able to keep up with her. She could easily have finished the race in 22-23 mins, if i didn’t hold her back ;).

Anyways, it was a morning well spent with lots of friends (yay! Maggie…) and colleagues (yay! HealthVault..) participating in the race. Oh and the yogurt at finish line was delicious…

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