Today I got an opppurtunity to see first hand how Teach for India’s classes work. I went to visit Milind’s Superstar class. It was great to see a group of 40+ 2 grade kids churning their ways from un-fortune towards a bright future through education.

It was interesting to see a Teach for India’s approach to learning work. Milind was doing a great job engaging and teach the kids, at the same time his set of volunteers were making sure that the kids got more 1:1 teacher time. I was also reminded of how important the superstar rules are, and we has grown ups also needs to read and follow them regularly.


> > Pic1. Superstar class, Rules of the Class, > >


> > Pic 2. Milind and Volunteers teaching in the class. > >

I have a very good video of Milind teaching vowels to the 2nd graders. I’ll upload it and put a link here as soon as I get better internet connection.

One interesting twist in this experience was that Milind offered me to try and teach “Action words” to a small group of 5 kids. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was first hand grappled with the problem of keeping 7-8 year olds engaged in the learning process. I was also touched by the fact that the kids offered touching handshakes and wanted Vaibhav-Bhaiyya to come back!


> > Pic 3. Group of super stars learning who learn a bit of “action words” from me. > >

I start my tour ( ) tomorrow to help raise fundraise for Milind’s cause. Infact you can get to the action right from here Smile.


> > Pic 4. Pledge for Milind’s superstar class and Teach For India. > >