Today was a short day. I ended up biking 15km, but had lots of interesting experiences.

It was raining all night until about 7:30am in Auroville, so I decided for a late start instead of 8am start. However that became 9:30 and on the way out of Auroville i ran in to my old room mate – Adrienne. It was such a coincidence we met after 7 years, so i decided to havebreakfast with her. It was almost noon when i heaad out to Pondicherry and then i had lunch with Rishi’s uncle and grandma. Looking at the conditions and given that Pondicherry seemed such an awesome place, I decided to call it a day.  Rishi’s family has been very hosiptable to me, Kalaben has been feeding me day long :). Being a bicycle traveller is such an awesome thing, an easy mode of transport gives you immense flexibility and extemporeness.

Since mid-afternoon I have spent time cycling around pondi, visting aurobindo ashram and hanging out with people! Now I’m looking forward to some dinner, drink and may be a bit of dancing in Asian House!

Joys of travel!!  Wish life was like that everyday :).

Pondi Beach

Pic 1. Pondi beach.

Tomorrow I head to Chidambaram and with a slight twiset of plans I’m able to get to Madurai from there (via Train).  So my wish to see Madurai might fulfill, without losing a cycling day!!