Today was a full day! We did about 110km to go she the holi – Rameshwaram!

I started at about 8:30 from Parampudi so that I can meet Tulika and Rahul in Ramnathpuram at 11:00pm. Well i got there at 10:00am but they already arrived there at 9:00am! So about 45km done was a great start! After a short breakfast we started for Rameshwaram, the Trio together the first time!

We crossed through the Rameshwaram bridge at about 1:00pm. I was just beautiful.

We reach Rameshwaram at about 2:30 pm but by the time we finished checking in to hotel and showering it was 4pm. We couldn’t go to Dhanushkodi as the checkpoint closes early and the jeeps wont take us there – well we always had the alternative of Kanyakumari to see the Ocean’s mingle :). We then went and payed our homeage to the Rameshwaram temple and infact in the true Hindu spirit i even did a holy bath! I guess all my wishes are going to come true :).

As soon as the bhojshala’s opened at 7pm we had dinner and then decided to check out the bus schedule so that we can figure out our next day plan. After a bit of discussion we decided to head to Kanyakumari tomorrow part bus and part bicycle! We will gain a day and also have  a good ride!!