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Posted On Thu, 04 Apr 2013 22:39:28 +0000. Filed in hardware hacking. By Vaibhav Bhandari.

Well I have been creating fun electronic projects for few years now. The hobby started during my bachelor’s program back in Mumbai, I create several electronic projects and won the electronics competitions, even though I was computer science major. Now that I finally have a space to work in, I’m thinking of devoting a small nook to be able to do electronic fun projects.


So what project would be I wanting to complete with my new electronics lab? Following is a short list -

> > #### Libar Bar Stool > > > > The top project I want to complete is a bar stool which has an artistic led setup with alcohol bottles. I would like to incorporate a muscial instrument in this stool something along the lines of laser harp mention [here](, more on it soon. I want to try and use the [Adruino’s]( for this project, but I have also been intrigued by [electric imp](! It might a be cool project to use the Arduino, Electric Imp and the [COSM]( or [Carriots]( service to internet enable and control your [project]( > > > > #### Home Automation > > > > Integrate various sensors (door), speakers, and LAN. > >

Buy List

What do I need to buy to setup my lab?


  1. Seattle Arduino Resources – a meta and up to date list is at
* MetricCreateSpace: [](, a close to capitol hill work space which has cheap access to makerbot.

* StudentRND, [](, a Bellevue based electronics creative space for high-schoolers.

* Jigsawrenaissance, [](, non-profit maker space in international district.

* Atlspace, [](, awesome and very affordable maker space in cap hill

* 911media, [](, a media related non-profit.
  1. Learning resources
* Instructables - [](, videos on how to make stuff.

* Arduino: [](

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