These bi-weekly notes represent a wide range of topics, from learning new technologies and courses to exploring cybersecurity and data science. Stay curious and keep exploring the world of learning and technology!

Sifting for Gems

Wed, Nov 15

  • Learn Next.js - A comprehensive guide to learn Next.js and build a dashboard app.
  • Jay Trading - A platform for stock picking and trading recommendations.
  • Zero to ASIC Course - A course to learn and master the art of designing and manufacturing ASICs.
  • How do semiconductors work? - A documentation that explains the workings of semiconductors in an easily understandable manner.

Tue, Nov 14

Sun, Nov 13

Fri, Nov 10

Thu, Nov 9

Wed, Nov 8

  • LTTng v2.13 - Documentation on LTTng, a lightweight tracing framework for Linux.

Tue, Nov 7

Sun, Nov 6

Sat, Nov 5

Fri, Nov 4

  • Mental Models - A course that introduces various mental models for better decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Beating GPT-4 with Open Source LLMs - An interview exploring how open-source language learning models can compete with proprietary models like GPT-4.

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