Welcome to the weekly roundup of my digital wanderlust! This week, I’ve traversed the vast landscapes of investing insights, dodged the potholes of cybersecurity, dipped my toes into the world of compilers, and ended my journey with a serenade on the piano and a crash course in machine learning. Let’s dive into the curated chaos, shall we?

2024 Feb 22 Topics




Piano Skills

LLMs and Data

  • SQLite Tutorial (2024-02-22): Dive into the basics of SQLite, perfect for managing data on the go.
  • LLM & Physics Explained (2024-02-22): A fascinating look at how large language models are revolutionizing physics.
  • LLM & Machine Learning Deep Dive (2024-02-22): An in-depth exploration of the intersection between large language models and machine learning.

There you have it, folks - a week packed with learning, exploring, and a touch of humor. Whether you’re an investor, a programmer, or just a curious cat, there’s something in here for you. Until next time, keep your browsers open and your minds even more so!