Book review of Good Leaders Ask Great Questions by John C. Maxwell

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions


In “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions,” renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell delves into the art and science of asking questions, demonstrating how this skill is essential for effective leadership. Maxwell combines his extensive experience with practical insights to help leaders at all levels improve their questioning abilities, enhance communication, and foster a culture of curiosity and continuous improvement within their organizations.

Main Intent

Major Topics Covered

  1. The Importance of Questions in Leadership
    • Why questions are a powerful tool for leaders
    • How questions foster learning and growth
    • The impact of questions on team dynamics and organizational culture
  2. Types of Questions Leaders Should Ask
    • Questions to ask themselves
    • Questions to ask their teams
    • Questions to ask their mentors and advisors
  3. Developing a Questioning Mindset
    • Cultivating curiosity and a desire to learn
    • Overcoming the fear of asking questions
    • Encouraging a questioning culture within the organization
  4. Practical Tips for Asking Great Questions
    • Techniques for crafting effective questions
    • Strategies for active listening and follow-up
    • Common pitfalls to avoid when asking questions
  5. Real-Life Examples and Case Studies
    • Stories of successful leaders who excel at asking questions
    • Lessons learned from leaders who failed to ask the right questions
    • Practical applications of questioning techniques in various leadership contexts

Sample Questions from the Book

Topic Questions
Questions to Ask Yourself - What is my biggest asset?
  - What is my biggest liability?
  - What opportunities am I currently overlooking?
  - How can I improve my personal growth?
Questions to Ask Your Team - What do you need from me to be successful?
  - What are we doing that you think we should stop doing?
  - What should we start doing that we are not currently doing?
  - How can we improve our processes?
Questions to Ask Your Mentors - What is the greatest lesson you have learned in your career?
and Advisors - What advice would you give someone in my position?
  - How do you handle setbacks and failures?
  - What are the key habits of successful leaders?


“Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” underscores the transformative power of asking the right questions. Maxwell’s central message is clear: effective leadership is not just about having the right answers but about having the courage and curiosity to ask the right questions. By embracing a questioning mindset, leaders can drive innovation, build stronger relationships, and create a culture of continuous improvement within their organizations.