Yep! I’m dancing more:). This time is quick lessons in Rumba and Waltz at Danceworks studio.

Rhumba is one of those shaky latin dances with the basic step to trace a box. Its

(1, L)          (2,3, RL)
|                    |
(5,6,LR)         (4, R)

The instruction video in the link above show a different way of Rhumba but above one is what I learned. Its more Waltiz and less shaky ;). The

Waltz is the founding father (or mother) of ballroom dances. The basic step is a box step with uniform beats no quickies like rumba:

(1, L)       (2,3, RL)
|                 |
(5,6,LR)       (4, R)

Remember to hold the Women at shoulder blade and look in eyes. Smiles make dacing fun :). Waltz is a romantic slow moving progressional dance. Progressional implies that you more with your partner through the dance floor (mostly in counterlclockwise way).

Thats all for Dance-101 as of now :).