More Rhumba!!

Danceworks is an amazing place on Friday nights! Last Friday i had a tonne of fun dancing to the beats of Rhumba, Swing, Salsa, Waltz, Two step disco, Foxtrot…. Its kind of strange how they pack all this in to one evening! However, the group lesson of Rhumba before the open dance was neat.

The routine is really elegant - From a basic step of quick quick ‘ slow, quick quick ‘ slow; one moves to Quick Quick ‘ right leg forward, left leg forward rock rock ROCK; left leg forward left leg back ‘ turn her outside in clockwise direction, bring her back in anticlose-wise direction; move left leg cross and ‘ turn her around, left leg back in position and do a full basic turn; go back on your left leg then move forward on left leg, and turn her around such that she is in a lock position (i.e with twisted arms); circle around 180 in quick quick slow, move around her while scratching her elbow and come in front of her!;

Count the number of semicolons in above routine, its 6!! So there you go! you have a routine to spend atleast 12seconds!!! Wohooo!!