As i troll day in and day out doing my day job, I’m wondering what has my discipline achieved in last tem years. I’m amazed that i cant say anything much, since the internet happened i think we are stuck! I want the profession to provide the rapid fire flexible solutions which can make our lives easy - not handle like 50 password logins or fight with reinstalling nightmares. Can we really make out software smart? Will the smart phone someday really become smart? I’m experimenting with some ideas and will try to get out the prototypes soon. We have achieved a lot in this profession but i think the engineering discipline could do a lot better and actually put us to an era where we can actually think about things rather than think how we can do something which we have already thought! I know this vague but i promise i’ll elaborate this with examples. Currently the running one i’m using is to make my smartphone really smart! - i wont switch from a feature phone until i’m convinced that my smartphone is worth the smartness i get.