1. Install Microsoft Visual Web Developer Edition, choose to install the SQL Express Edition and the Help. This will take about 30 minutes on a 60KB/Sec connection.

  2. Health Vault SDK. The search returns SDK as second item on search.msn.com while it doesn’t show up in google.com

  3. Sign up for a health vault account
    Caveat: Getting the Promo code might take a little time.

  4. Read the Getting started document to get familiar with the following steps.

  5. My development environment is Windows Vista with VS 8 however the suggested environment is

By far the easiest development environment to work with is Windows XP SP2 + Visual Studio .NET 2005 + ASP.NET Development Server.

Trying the – Hello World application and gets me in to the following –

Let me know if you see the problem, or check back for a solution, until then good evening! :).