Last year I did an N-part series about working with HealthVault XML APIs. It was implemented with ruby on UBuntu Linux system using OpenSSL. I got time to go mark all those articles with next links and I thought i would summarize the series here:

  1. Part 1: Working with certificates using OpenSSL

  2. Part 2: Talking to HealthVault anonymously

  3. Part 3: Authenticating your application with HealthVault

  4. Part 4: Authenticating the user in context of your application with HealthVault

  5. Part 5: Putting it all together

  6. Part 6: Doing offline access with HealthVault

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One of our partners has also implemented Drop Off Pick Up solution in ruby using the above articles. Hopefully sometime in near future, I’ll convince them to do a blog post about the same.