Jared Diamond makes a case that our recent history has been shaped by Guns, Germs and Steel. In this century we have seen in various ways how Guns, Germs and Steel wield their power. Currently, we are dealing with one such power fit of Germs. They say, flu is in the air, beware!

Earlier this year I had made a post about tracking Swine Flu using Ushahidi’s software. Various folks online have tried to help raise awareness of the pertinent epidemic, most noticeably CDC has launched a comprehensive website flu.gov to inform us better. Microsoft has launched the H1N1 Response Center and Google is helping through Flu trends.

Most common flu is the seasonal flu, which every year takes a toll of about 36,000 lives from late fall (Nov) to early Spring (March) and effects about 5-20 percent of population. This season we have a risk for a getting hit by swine flu (H1N1) which can cause more deaths, and there is an even deadlier version – the avian flu (H5N1).

So what should you do?

  • Wash your hands and avoid close contact with sick people.

  • Consider taking the Flu shot from a facility near you

  • If you feel Flu, take a Flu assessment powered by HealthVault :).

  • Spread Flu Awareness – may be use the widget below:

Here is the code to copy this widget to your blog / website:

<span style="color:blue;"><</span><span style="color:#a31515;">iframe </span><span style="color:red;">height</span><span style="color:blue;">="200" </span><span style="color:red;">src</span><span style="color:blue;">="http://www.reemedix.com/misc/fluwidget.html"
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