Alrite summer is just around the corner! Its the time we folks in Northwest look forward to! The entire misery of dark winters and rainy days is worth the gorgeous 3 months of summer we get around here!

I have been meaning to do a few outdoorsy things this summer, and wanted to started chalking my list here so that friends and family can join in, talk me in to and out of few things :) -

  • Rock-climbing & Bouldering
    • A weekend bouldering trip to Squamish!

    • Climbing as many single-pitch 5.8s as I can. May be pick up Exit-38 Wednesdays!

    • Goal: Outer space (?) (July 2nd week or Aug 2nd week) – Outer space is a six pitch climb near Leavenworth, and it has been my goal since i started cragging a couple of years ago. Given my space and rock-climbing touch, it might not happen this year but still a worthy goal.

  • Mountaineering -
    • Mt. Adams (June 19th?)

    • Mt. Baker (June 26th)

    • Mt. Shuskan (?)

    • Goal: Lead a trip up Mt. Rainier (July 17th), may be two

    • Goal: One ice-climb, may be Mt. Hood late in the season (Aug 1st week?)

  • _Cycling _
    • Flying Wheels Summer Century! (June 12th)

    • Goal: Lead a week-long trip along Oregon Coast (week of July 24th), in preparation to India biking adventure.

  • _Motorcycling _
    • Now that i still have my SV650s for this season I would love to do some long riding and track days with it. I have already been eyeing some routes.

    • Goal: Do at-least one long ride and one track day!

  • _Backpacking _
    • Yosemite (?) (Late summer Aug(?))

    • Need suggestions and friends to go with!

  • Hiking & Camping
    • Granite Mountain

    • Camp Muir

    • Goal: At-least do one camping trip with friends

  • Try a new activity
    • Rafting down Yakima river! (July 4th –?)

    • Sea-kayaking or Sailing

    • Goal: Learn to swim in open water

May be I should make a outdoor activities calendar. Making it public is a little itchy but hey its summer in the northwest!!