Today I spent the an awesome sunny day cycling through Redmond, Duvall, Snohomish as past of the the Flying wheels summer century ride.

I have done this ride in twice before (2006 – 70miles, 2007 – 100 miles). I had a sort of deja vu from 2007 I started getting cramps around mile 70, but the good part of I’m quite happy with how i pushed myself. I learnt two things –

  1. Human body is amazing, if you push it can survive a lot of things. I ended up pushing through the last 3 miles hill with cramps, after a few pedals the cramps disappeared.

  2. Make sure your condition your muscles for performance not just endurance. I did hard run on Thursday and I was still sore from it. I should use my training time effectively, just like Body by Science.

Anyways, the Asha Team and Emel (a friend from Run, Dinner Social) did awesome! Most riders finished the 65 mile loop, now folks are eyeing the STP. Emel did awesome on her first century beating me by a full hour!

My stats: Ride time 8 hours 20 min. No where good but given the conditions I’m very happy with how i pushed myself.

Now the pictures.

IMG_0153 IMG_0157
7:30 start ended up being 8:20 start as i forgot my helmet :)

Gorgeous sunny day!
IMG_0161 IMG_0163 IMG_0164
Rest Stops – I did about 1:30 of rest stop time (Slacker :))

IMG_0171 IMG_0175 IMG_0176

Finish line fiesta and team Asha