Ok, I’m going to burning man. I don’t know what to expect but I’m hoping to have a great art experience. Last two weeks, I was building a geodesic dome, with help from a Chris White and the fire flies! The dome is subject of another blog post but the good news is yesterday we assembled it and it looked stable and functional!!

The point of this post is our art project – Resurrection Altar!

**What is Resurrection Altar? **Resurrection altar is a communal art project with a tad bit of environmental and geek consciousness. Over the span of seven days we will decorate the Altar with different Rangoli design, which folks are welcome to participate in making! At the Altar you can make your resurrection wish and tie a piece of plastic to the AltarCross! At the end of the burningman we will burn the AltarCross and make a plastic monster out of the Resurrection plastic bands. This monster will live until you resurrect, right?

Time for pictures. These are all the making of, pictures!


Fig 1. A 20x30inch Poster – our camp sign during the day!


Fig  2. Altar camp sign – This sign will illuminate at Night


Fig 3. Rangoli Design – The Jain Map of Universe. We will make a stencil out of this.


Fig 4. Rangoli Design – we will make a stencil out of this.


Fig 5. The AltarCross.

More pictures coming! Come help out with the preparations!!