I had a great time interacting with folks at Hacking 4 Health. The response for the event was amazing, it was very heartening to see 18 presentations from just a day of hacking. Folks worked on all sorts of interesting data mash-up ideas (1,2), but the one I would like to highlight are –

  • OskiHealth – Using data from CHDI and information on fast food restaurants in each county to show a color coded map of health of counties.

  • Healthy Commute – Using data from Factual, some engineers built a way to discover healthier commuting routes!

Ron has a good summary of the event as well. Check out the pictures of the event at – http://www.flickr.com/photos/healthtap/. Thanks to the good folks from Healthtap and Health2.0 for spearheading the event!

You can find links to my talk and other data resources at – http://www.vitraag.com/hacking4health.