Yesterday was the third Seattle Quantified Self Show & Tell.

For those new to the idea, Quantified Self is a forum for users and tool makers to interact and share knowledge, experiences, tips & tricks to enable better self discovery through tracking. The Seattle chapter of this forum is managed by great folks at Habitlabs (Buster & Amelia) and Limeade (David).

With over 20 people joining the conversation it was great to see energy in self-tracking and self-improvement. Most people seem to share the problem of not knowing what to do with the data they have. It was interesting to see Amelia to talk about positive effect of just tacking a 10-day running average of her weight. Robby gave a great presentation on his month long project to track transportation costs, and the conclusion to use a bicycle.

I’m looking forward to hear more this community. I have been trying to use HealthVault PowerShell and excel with power-pivot to track and visualize few properties of Health data.