Engrossing in the Ecuadorian tradition to cast the old (Anos Viejo) and embrace the new! Wishing all friends and family happy new year!!


The pictures above are from the trip to Ecuador. The trip has been very scenic we saw ton of wild life and explored highlands (the top pictures of Papagayos are from this exploring). On the last day of the year the Cueancanos (and Ecuadorians) gave us the opportunity to participate in an unique local tradition of burning effigies at midnight and our host got us to dance on the beats of merengue, salsa and more .. that too in the colonial streets of the city (the picture of burning of effigies is from this experience).

I’ll soon add more info about 2012 but it has been a phenomenal year with interesting events like – launch of my book “Enabling Programmable Self with HealthVault”, moving to a new company – Optum, starting of Libar, Parent’s visit, lots of house and construction projects, several industry conferences – (Casual Connect, Strata Health, HIMSS, mHealth etc), motorcycle trip along west coast and burning man, Diwali trip to India, after lot of hardwork launch of Optum Direct (and an update!), and a year end trip to Ecuador!

Looking forward to an equally stunning 2013 and embracing the new!!!