For about 3.5 years, I have suffered tingling in my left hand pinky and ring finger. I know that It’s not carpel tunnel because that would be in the index and middle finger. The pain is not too bad but it always leaves me feeling like something is wrong.

Three years ago, I did see a neurologist who did a battery of tests and said I should give it a year to heal and its not appropriate to do any nerve surgery and that the nerve in question is probably brushing against a bone at the elbow or in the neck. After that, I did physical therapy and chiropractic visits for three months, but over the years the situation has not changed.

Recently I saw a new personal physician who recommended that I do nerve tests and perhaps a small surgery is in need.

I’m a bit skeptical at this point and I’m looking for ways to learn about this problem. I wish there was a “patients like me” section for this condition which I don’t that a name for – some ulnar nerve contraption of sorts I guess.

Thoughts / suggestions ?