For last three years I have been a remote employee and a number of techniques and tricks have worked great. Over the years I have had to balance travel, health and the missed water cooler conversations. Thank fully a lot of employees in my company work remotely and it helps to have a distributed workforce used to remote employees.

Anyways the point of this post was an idea and thought I have tried to figure out — working remotely from a foreign location! I have worked for a week from South America, and Europe and would love to be able to do that for an extended period.

Well the nomad community is offering an interesting toolset to find people who are traveling the world and working remotely.

Nomad list filters

My personal favorites to work from are Costa Rica and Buenos Aires (Argentina). I’m sure they work well for activities, safety, and air quality but not very sure about connectivity.

What are your favorites places to be a digital nomad from?

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