My posts have been very sporadic for awhile. Wish I can fix that and get my thoughts, writings, learnings and tidbits out on a more regular cadence. I have long list of items which I have been intending to post about so in this note, I’m going to actually try and enumerate all those things I should be writing about. This is my way of holding myself a bit accountable and putting a forcing function on!

  1. Shyamapana - the Festival of Forgiveness : Every-year I take a week off to focus, rejuvenate and read something spiritual. This year I wanted to read on Reiki and learn more about Music especially Meditative and western classical. I need to write a post which will be about by Reiki book review and potentially a spotify list of meditative music.

  2. BlockChain in HealthCare: I have been spending a lot of time on developing a blockchain platform applicable in Healthcare IT. I wanted to summarize the learnings from Stanford Medx and launch of IEEE & YouBases’ hackathon. Overtime I’m planning to just compile a weekly blockchain newsletter - more like 10 links by Friday. My post would focus on various blockchain initiatives, the talks at Stanford MedX and all the problems being solved in various hackathons along with sample of my first 10 link blockchain newsletter.

  3. La Victrola: Over last six months I worked on a team which built a 25’ gramophone weight 14 tonnes of steel! I did a lot of art, lifting and playa work for this project as it got installed at Burning Man 2016. My post would focus on this journey, pictures of all the projects I completed and the details behind it and perhaps some stories. I want to take a more story telling approach for this one.

  4. Libar:  So I have made some sporadic posts about cocktail events but I haven’t done much in terms of refining and bringing the whole experience together. In this post I would combine pictures of all the cocktails, menus of all the speakeasies I have been to and pinterests of project which will be interesting to explore in the cocktail scene.

  5. A Vagabond Life - Digital Nomading : Over 18 months I travelled a lot and did some esoteric trips including 5000 mile motorcycle ride. In this post I would like to bring it all together. One post for the entire journey won’t be sufficient but this post will highlight my memories.

So these are my writing projects. I’m hoping to finish them in next couple of weeks. Lets see if this forcing function helps.