Mining Photo Archives** John Resig, used TinyEye’s MatchEngine to do computer vision on a photo archive. He has detailed his current work here - The challenge in this project will be use John’s data and create various vision prototypes which can be compared with MatchEngine. **Data Set(s): Photo Archive Link.

Mitosis Detection in Breast Cancer Histological Images **This contest at ICPR 2012 outlines a good set of data with histological images for breast cancer. The challenge is to use computer vision to detect mitosis. **Data Set(s): Histological images link.

ImageNet Challenges **ImageNet is really large set of images with about 1000 categories - A number of computer vision challenges are possible on this general purpose dataset. **Data Set(s): Image Net link. Related Data Set:  CIFAR is like ImageNet, but it is much smaller. There’s the 10-category and the 100-category.

Cancer Detection with Computer Vision **There are tons of medical images in this collection of datasets, the Cancer Imaging Archive: , a number of challenge problems are possible on this archive. **Data Set(s): Cancer Image Archive link