The goal of this post is to document my experience of starting to code a react application without much experience. The simple app will have a responsive interface to enable me to log how much water I drink to a google spreadsheet. I would like to host the application either on github or s3.

Minimum Viable React Unit

Step 1. Start with the facebook getting started one page app template

> sudo npm install -g create-react-app

Step 2: Create the water-logger app

> create-react-app water-app<br></br>> npm start

Step 3: Deploy to github pages

The react documentation has a few steps to deploy it to github pages by specifying the _homepage _field. Once the repository is created, and the homepage defined (so much for zero configuration) you can deploy the application.

> npm run deploy


The one-page all up and running!

Next Steps

Now we need to add the buttons, and support the capability of storing information in google sheets to complete our minimum-viable-product.