There are a number of strategies one can use to protect oneself against an upcoming bear run on the stock market. Here are a few of picks, let me know you thoughts in the comments. Of course this analysis applies to stock market as it stands in April 2017 and the upcoming three months.

  1. Keep your SToCKs but sell options against them.
    Selling calls on your stocks will create a modest buffer against losses, of course this strategy falls apart if the market did the 37% dip like 2008.

  2. Buy a bear market fund
    A bear market fund bets against the market. Good examples of a bear market fund is — PSSDX

  3. Buy a short long fund
    Short long fund is able transact on short term positions. Good take on this is SWHEX

  4. Buy a treasury or municipal bond fund
    VUSTX gained 20% when the S&P dipped 37% in 2008.

  5. Invest in Government Pipeline fixed income options .. really?