Long Tail Tale - Getting an Auth Token, sure OpenHealthVault can!

Posted On Fri, 18 Apr 2008 07:02:28 +0000. Filed in Open Source, RubyOnRails. By Vaibhav Bhandari.

Alrite finally i got the OpenSSL Crypto to work HealthVault. It took some Ninja hacking and quite a lot of debugging to figure out what was going wrong with signing of a xml for getting an authentication token from HealthVault. Turns out that my signing code was dead on but HealthVault didn’t quite like the white space in the “content” section. I wont belabor you more but the short of the long is that now OpenHealthVault can talk to HealthVault and get itself authenticated. As usual the code is at http://svn.vitraag.com/openhealthvault and the application in action is at http://openhealthvault.vitraag.com. Well now its time to get a user to be authenticated with HealthVault Shell and the Rails goodies, I expect these to flow rather smoothly.

Next part : Doing User Authentication

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