Here is the live feed about the conference: <a href=”” >Connected Health Conference</a>

Over the period of day and a half, I had great time talking to our application and consulting partners. It was great to learn about some shortcomings and bugs in our platform and it was encouraging to see the excitement among partners around some of our upcoming features.

On the pre-conference day I was surprised to see the strong attendance in both business and technical 101 session. Loved the EMR, Medicare and usefulness perspectives in the keynotes.

John Chilmarks expresses his fear about HSG turning a blind eye to harnessing the power of disruptive forces and falling in line with the status quo. Well I think in the conference of this nature its hard to bring the innovative startups without carrots, but hey we tried that with HealthVaultDevices@BestBuy side event.

Anyways, overall I had a great conference, had a couple of motivated partners sign up to try our improvements in the Java library and help move the state of Java and PHP libraries forward. If your are interested and have feedback on those pieces feel free to leave a comment..