Welcome back to another edition of Weekly Notes! I’ve gathered some interesting links from the past week that I found worth exploring. From tech news to Python conferences, let’s dive in!

Weekly Notes

Wednesday, Aug 2

Friday, Aug 4 (Prolific Day)

More on LLMs

Sunday, Aug 6

Architecture decisions in Neon

In an enlightening blog post titled “Architecture decisions in Neon,” Neon.tech shares their approach to making architectural decisions in their software. The post provides valuable insights into their decision-making process, emphasizing the importance of considering trade-offs, scalability, and maintainability. Read More

Query Language Understood by SQLite

If you’ve ever worked with SQLite, you might have wondered about the query language it uses. Well, wonder no more! The official SQLite documentation provides a beautiful language definition that explains the syntax and semantics of SQLite’s query language. Read More

Pro Tip of the Week: Staying Afloat in Deep Water

If you’ve ever found yourself in deep water and wished you could stay afloat effortlessly, then you’re in luck! This week’s Pro Tip is a YouTube video that teaches the skill of water treading. Developed by Skill You Need, this instructional video demonstrates techniques that can help you stay afloat and even save your life. Watch the Video

I hope you find these links as intriguing and informative as I did. Stay curious and keep exploring!