In the past few weeks, I’ve explored a wide array of topics, from the latest in AI security innovations to engaging community discussions and personal development opportunities.

Diverse Topics

Week of December 7-13, 2023

  • [2023-12-07] - An Incident Response Plan for Startups
    A comprehensive guide by Ryan McGeehan offering startups a roadmap to create robust incident response plans.

  • [2023-12-08] - Buying Security
    An essential guide for organizations on the nuances and best practices in purchasing security solutions.

  • [2023-12-09] - LLMCompiler on GitHub
    Introducing LLMCompiler: A tool for parallel function calling, enhancing the efficiency of large language models.

  • [2023-12-10] - VulcanSQL
    VulcanSQL emerges as a powerful tool for managing and integrating data workflows in modern tech environments.

  • [2023-12-12] - Contact Hollywood Manufacturing
    Hollywood Manufacturing invites queries and interactions, opening doors for potential collaborations.

  • [2023-12-12] - DuckDB with Hannes Muleisen
    A deep dive into DuckDB’s capabilities and future prospects in an insightful discussion with Hannes Muleisen.

  • [2023-12-12] - Explore Artifacts on Reforge
    Reforge offers a treasure trove of engineering artifacts, providing valuable insights and resources.

Week of December 14-20, 2023

Week of December 21-27, 2023

  • [2023-12-18] - Simbian | AI Security
    Simbian introduces cutting-edge AI security solutions, showcasing innovative approaches in cybersecurity.

  • [2023-12-23] - Groqchat | Hacker News
    Engage in lively discussions on Hacker News about Groqchat, a new contender in tech communication.

  • [2023-12-24] - Volunteer at Clinic by the Bay
    Discover volunteering opportunities at Clinic by the Bay, contributing to community health and well-being.