Emacs? Vi? Visual Studio? TextMate?? Whats your favorite editor?

I started with Emacs and got to a point where I could write some elisp to work with a new language, but it just was too heavy weight and more often seemed to be bloat and cruft than necessary. Then I moved to Microsoft and gradually my editor became Visual Studio (and Notepad). It happened that way since it turned out to be a common denominator, and Visual Studio has amazing intellisense~

However more of late I have think vi (especially Vim) is a great tool. Since i work a lot with Non Microsoft programming language Vi seems to be the just right choice and it lean and mean!! Yep i do kick myself for not defecting to this

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camp earlier in my education.

Very recently @ OSCON i got in conversation with those mac guys who love TextMate. It really interesting how TextMate has put the realm of XML declaration for a language as powerful as Context free grammer, and CSS with all the design and color gu - in to the editor world. It has an amazing community managed code / snippet repository which folks can use to share code with one another…!

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