Myself and my colleague Chris Tremonte are planning to ride from Seattle the San Francisco around July 24 – Aug 3. Now, Chris is almost a pro Triathelete and he wants to do this 800+ mile ride in around 10 days.

I’m not exactly any athlete so I’m taking a sissy approach and I’ll join Chris in Eugene and ride to SF from there. I’ll take the Amtrak CoastStarlight to Eugene. Eugene is 50 miles from the coast and about midway between Yachats and Reedsport.

Route Research.

  • Great route description in this blog.

  • The mountaineers book, and the lonely planet guide.

Our Plan

We will shortly put together close to final day by day itinerary* (with elevation gain, camping spot) but for now here is how it look like:

**Start** **End** **Day Mileage** **Cumulative Mileage** **Date** **Potential Place To Stay**
Seattle Centralia 94.2 94.2 Fri 24 July
Centralia Kelso 55.7 149.9
Kelso Astoria 57.2 207.1 Sat 25 July
Astoria Manzanita 37.8 244.9
Manzanita Netarts 40.1 285 Sun 26 July
Netarts Lincoln City 48 333
Lincoln City Yachats 49.9 382.9 Mon 27 July
Yachats Reedsport 48.8 431.7
Reedsport Bandon 54.8 486.5 Tue 28 July
Bandon Gold Beach 57.5 544
Gold Beach Crescent City 55.8 599.8 Wed 29 July
Crescent City Orick 39 638.8
Orick Eureka 46 684.8 Thu 30 July
Eureka Redcrest 41.8 726.6
Redcrest Leggett 55.8 782.4 Fri 31 July
Leggett Fort Bragg 43.4 825.8
Fort Bragg Point Arena 44.4 870.2 Sat 1 Aug
Point Arena Jenner 51.6 921.8
Jenner Point Reyes Station 42.5 964.3 Sun 2 Aug
  • Thanks to Chris

Now few things which suck about the above itinerary, there is no time to party in SF. Well I’m going to pain Chris to start early so that we can keep some time to be in SF!

So what is the cause ?

_Personal _Earlier I got email from Aparajita suggesting like Alok’s Rainier Climb, we can fundraise for Asha with our bike ride. I like Asha’s cause and zero-overhead approach, so please donate for Asha to support our cause. Asha has supported a project in my hometown in India – the Mayaboli school for hearing impaired. For those who know me and would like to personally donate for this cause I would be really happy to receive donations for the same. Please note unlike the general Asha the donations for Mayaboli are not tax deductibleimages73757794_9dc0786c1c

**Mayaboli School For Hearing Impaired **

_Team Cause _We want to promote our team HealthVault and make this a road trip to spread the word about need to improve the state of health care, particularly we want to talk to individual citizens and express the need to assert right to Health Data.

Untitled Endorse HealthDataRights

To share to your success stories and learn more about what other folks are doing to make themselves an active participant in the Health eco-system – do take a look at (please note – this is Microsoft sponsored venture).

iamenabledShare your stories, join the movement

How are we going to roll?

We still need to finalize our gear but this will be an essential part – the Helmet Camera. (if Chris can get it time).

We will also post our progress on twitter with geo location, and potentially make a graphic of our progress. For now here is feed from our twitter account:

Call to action

  • Join us - I know this is call to all my friends, well-wishers and bike enthusiasts, saddle up and join us!!! Seriously if you have any inhibitions let me know, and i can help you put them at ease.

  • **Endorse the HealthDataRights **

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