I overviewed the Health 2.0 2009 conference largely through twitter. Here are my key takeaways:

  • HealthCare needs to become more consumer: All innovation will be driven through this domain, PatientsLikeMe & CureTogether are prime examples.

  • Keas launched as a platform for Care plans – I took it for a spin love the way you can create action items! Not as intuitive as Mint but not really a good analogy either.

  • Health 2.0 Accelerator – A lot of media towards this effort of trying a create a platform (yet again) to add for value for the end consumer using the better together model. Here is a Demo Video.

  • Public Health Media: Microsoft’s H1N1 Center, Google Flu Trends

  • Mobile: WebMD iPhone App

  • Physician’s Office: NPDigest.com – open source groupware for a clinic.

Please add your thought about the conference through the comments.