Happy new year!! I’m summarizing the Best of 2009 on Reviving the Health Revolution blog -

Understanding Health IT Standards
In April I started a series which aims at helping a programmer understand Health IT standards. I aim to develop this series further in 2010 and I’m also working on a compilation of essays on Health IT, you are encouraged to provide feedback here.

The series so far talks about Vocabularies, HealthVault Data Types in context of various Health IT Standards, SNOMED-CT, CCR.

**I started the year with posting about WalkMe, and followed in July with a detailed post about data syncing architecture of this application. This simple walking application is now tracking over 2 million steps! If you want to add a live pedometer signature to your outlook e-mail follow this post. Future features and development of this application is primarily driven by user feedback.

**HealthVault Applications using ASP.NET MVC and on Windows Azure
**In July I did a post showing how one use ASP.NET MVC framework for developing HealthVault applications. The HealthVault .NET SDK is primarily geared towards ASP.NET Webforms.

In October I wrote about how one can deploy HealthVault applications on Windows Azure! This is has been a very popular article, check out some live samples running on Windows Azure here.

**Flu Management
**In April I post about Ushahidi’s Crisis management application for Swine Flu. In October I blogged in detailed about Microsoft’s Flu Management center and my little Flu widget.

HealthVault XML APIs**
**The HealthVault .NET SDK serves majority of HealthVault partners but last year we saw increase in adoption of our XML APIs consuming it through the Java SDK, Python SDK , Ruby Wrapper or the raw XML layers. The series on working with XML layer is a good starting point.

Connected Health Conference
For those of you who missed this conference in June, you can catch up here.

**Programming Techniques & Data Analysis
**Functional Programming, Memoization .. ring a bell? Well I plan on dwelling more on programming techniques and data analysis in 2010.

Feel free to let me know you top post for 2009, in comments.

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