We started bright and early (5am) from Varkala to reach Kollam at 7:30am.  We covered about 67km in a swiff, well done team! Opprutunitstically we got tatkal tickets for our train travel on 27th, I decide to train from Cochin to Bhatkal giving me an extra day in Kerala!

We took the 10:30am ferry to Amritapuri and arrived at Amma’s Ashram at 2pm!

Amma’s Ashram

We ha a great welcome by helpful volunteers at the Ashram. We also got to see the dedication and devotion of a couple of western followers we had conversation with! Core to Amma’s teaching seems Love and Service, I liked the idea of service especially her initiative to clean India 2kms at a time! Anyways we didnt have luck getting a hug from her because we couldnt get the tokens neither had foreign passports :(.

A tad bit dissapointment was that the Ashram was not quiet and it didnt portray the theme of love and service that well.

After the day at Ashram we had another early day, this time to go to Allepey!