We again started bright and early to cover about 80km to Allepey from Amrita puri.

I got to Allepey at about 9:00pm with a 5:30am start and then started scouting houseboats. By 10:30am we had one and after a bit of discussion we settle on it and i got a bunch of beer for us!

Houseboating in Allepey

This might require a post by itself, I’ll add pictures later but this was an amazing experience. Relaxing to the extent that I recovered from my soar throat which had been troubling me for last couple of days!

We had a captain, a navigator and a cook all to ourselves!! It was nice to sit and order food and look at the open water. We saw amazing sunset from the houseboat!

Next on our stop after 21 hours on the houseboat was Cochin aka Ernakulam!