Recently I have been intrigued by having some higher order principles for composing art. Similar to my explorations in computer generated music using Lisp. As part of a graduate course I tried to implement a program which generated rendition of a raga using the principles on which a raga is based i.e it has a vadi (dominant note), it has a samvadi (second dominant note), a set of notes, a well defined pakaad (signature notes), an aroha (ascending scale) and avaroh (descending scale); and finally a bhav (mood) and rasa (emotion).

Iā€™m trying to understand visual art, and two principle which have understood of late are -

  1. Use of golden ratio ā€“ The clouds in the following iCloud logo are actually scaled in golden ratio!

iCloud Icon Golden Ratio

  1. 60:30:10 rule of composition ā€“ I have been using this rule to fill the palette of interiors of my new place. Essential pick 60% color as the dominant color, 30% as the secondary color and 10% as the accent color.

vintage and contemporary blend in bedroom design

Any other suggestions, dear reader?