Yes - it’s the burning man time of the year! I wanted to briefly summarize what we are packing on the playa this year! Work and life has kept me so busy that all I claim is a cheering leading and occasionally helping  as folks worked through their projects. In 2010, I did a small art project - resurrection altar, this year I’m cherishing the awesome projects from my camp-mates.

We have a formal smaller camp called “yes &” ( and we are part of a large theme camp – Barbie death village! If you are on the playa come find us at 4:00 & G, you will see our pillow pit, the huggable ampersand and miniature thunder dome among other awesome things!


Fig 1. Yes &?, And Josh’s huggable ampersand available for everyone to cuddle on the Playa!

Our Projects


Chris wrote in detail about building the trike. He finally has it working and in fact he even rode it 6 miles to the loading truck!

Pillow Pit


After working on the 3-D geometry of pillow-pit Heidi got the angle right and build this awesome pleasure pit! We even were able to manage to get enough pillow for it after numerous good will trips!


Miniature Thunder dome

We built a miniature thunder dome with seven sins displayed with Barbie’s and Kens. Unlike the inspiration no fighting is allowed in this dome! Very aptly the theme fits in the larger camp = Barbie Death Village!


Fig. Chris & Josh working on the intricacies of the dome!

Playatech Bar & Plenches etal

Thanks to good folks at Playatech our camp-mates (Colleen, Chris and team) were able to make awesome looking bars, plenches and other desert coolness

Of course this is the take before the burning man and all the work which goes in to getting the camp ready! I’m looking forward to it and hopefully will have amazing memories and pictures of our projects on display to share!


Our Costumes

We have a hodge podge of costumes of course we are doing Huntress Tuesday, Pajama jama on Wednesday, Painted masks through dark light on Thursday and in general lots of fur and lights. Pictures post burn will do justice here!

Our Events

We are open all day (or until we run out) serving at our bar! Enjoy our dub-step free zone with special summer cocktails as you muffle in a large pillow pit, hug the ampersand and gaze at our miniature thunder. You can find us at 4:00 & G or in event listing.

**Playa time! **