I was at mHealth Dec 2012 and have been following the conference on twitter this year. The major topics and number upstarts seems to be trending along the lines of -

  • Wellness / Behavior Modification Last year I spoke to numerous startups working on consumer solutions for nutrition, weight management, diabetes management – MyGlucoHealth, FatSecret and others. This seems no different there is continued momentum in this category.

  • Patient Engagement / Hospital Mobility Various companies offering concierge medicine and enabling communication with the patients – coretext, tigertext, celltrust, mHealthCoach, medhelp and others. Solutions targeting meaningful use 2, readmissions management, medication adherence and care collaboration. This year healthloop is creating fair bit buzz with its recent 10M funding round.

  • **Consumer Devices / Self Tracking **Rewards platforms like kiip, socialwellth, everymove; device ecosystems like Qualcomm 2net, strava; gaming in health like zamzee, lumosity. This year seems like healthrageous folded but rest of the crew is continue to make buzz with renewed push from wearable devices.

There are number of technologies fueling healthcare at the moment but mobile devices and cellphones in particular are poised to make significant impact as they are driving use from end users!